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Deployment scripts for hypernetes

System requirements

The script is only tested on CentOS 7.2 with at least 4GB memory. It will install latest hypernetes with hyperd and OpenStack Mitaka.

Note: The script should be run as root.


  1. Setup environment variables:
export HOSTNAME=$(hostname)
export IF_NAME="eth0"
export IF_IP=""
export GOPATH="/gopath"

if you want use your own kebestack\hyperd\runv\hyperstart, you cloud set DEV_MODE to "y"(export DEV_MODE="y") to use your own repo in $GOPATH.

  1. Clone hypernetes to go path:
mkdir -p ${GOPATH}/src/
# Run 'yum -y install git' if git is not installed.
git clone ${GOPATH}/src/
  1. Run the script to install hypernetes
cd ${GOPATH}/src/


Upgrade CentOS 7.0/7.1 to 7.2

Run following scripts and reboot the system:

yum clean all
yum -y update

Install failed due to slow network

For slow networks, the installation may fail with timeout. When this happens, just run the hack/ script again to continue the installation.