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Primary documentation is on http://kubernetes.io.

Project wiki pages are on the right.

Community involvement including SIGs, Slack, and community meeting information are documented in [kubernetes/community] (https://github.com/kubernetes/community#kubernetes-community-documentation).

Current components/efforts/teams and their gh teams and leads:

  • UI: @kubernetes/dashboard-maintainers, @bryk
  • Kubectl: @kubernetes/kubectl, @bgrant0607, labels: component/kubectl, team/ux
  • Docs: @kubernetes/docs, @jaredbhatti, labels: kind/documentation, team/ux
  • Chinese docs: @kubernetes/chinese-docs-maintainers, @hurf
  • Examples: @kubernetes/examples, @jeffmendoza, labels: kind/example, team/ux
  • Admission controllers: @erictune, @derekwaynecarr, @davidopp, labels: team/control-plane
  • API: @kubernetes/kube-api, @bgrant0607, labels: team/api
  • API machinery (client/server, encoding/decoding/conversion, etcd): @kubernetes/sig-api-machinery, @lavalamp, labels: team/CSI-API Machinery SIG
  • Node (kubelet, docker/rkt, node bootstrap): @kubernetes/sig-node, @dchen1107, labels: team/node
  • Storage: @kubernetes/sig-storage, @saad-ali, labels: team/cluster
  • Networking, load balancing, DNS, services: @kubernetes/sig-network, @thockin, labels: team/cluster
  • Scheduling, quota, node lifecycle, and non-AWS cloud providers: @kubernetes/sig-scheduling, @davidopp, labels: team/control-plane
  • Controller logic for API objects (responsibility distributed, depending on which API object):
    • ReplicationController/ReplicaSet: @bprashanth, labels: team/ux
    • Job: @erictune, @soltysh, labels: team/control-plane
    • Deployment: @kubernetes/deployment, @bgrant0607, labels: area/app-config-deployment, team/ux
    • NodeController: @davidopp, @gmarek, labels: team/control-plane
    • DaemonSet: @kubernetes/daemonset, labels: team/ux
    • PetSet: @bprashanth, labels: team/ux
    • Service/Endpoints: @bprashanth, labels: team/cluster
    • GC: @mikedanese, labels: team/control-plane
    • Namespace: @derekwaynecarr, labels: team/control-plane
    • PodAutoscaler: see auto-scaling
    • ResourceQuota: @derekwaynecarr, labels: team/control-plane
    • ServiceAccount: @liggitt, labels: team/control-plane
    • Route: @cjcullen, labels: team/cluster
    • Volume/AttachDetach: @saad-ali, labels: team/cluster
    • Volume/PersistentVolume: @jsafrane, @saad-ali, labels: team/cluster
  • Auto-scaling: @kubernetes/autoscaling, @fgrzadkowski, labels: area/autoscaling, team/control-plane
  • DNS: @ArtfulCoder, labels: team/cluster
  • Scalability, including scheduler performance/scalability: @kubernetes/sig-scalability, @wojtek-t, labels: team/control-plane
  • Testing / test infrastructure: @kubernetes/sig-testing, labels: team/test-infra
  • Release infrastructure: @kubernetes/release-maintainers, @david-mcmahon, labels: team/release-infra
  • Ubernetes: @kubernetes/sig-cluster-federation, @quinton-hoole, labels: area/cluster-federation, team/control-plane
  • HA control plane: , @mikedanese, labels: area/HA, team/control-plane
  • Auth[nz]/IAM and security: @kubernetes/sig-auth, @erictune, labels: area/auth, area/security, team/control-plane
  • Deployment Manager / Helm: @kubernetes/helm-maintainers, @technosophos
  • Mesos: @kubernetes/kube-mesos, @jdef, labels: team/mesosphere
  • AWS: @kubernetes/sig-aws, @justinsb, labels: area/platform/aws, team/sig-aws
  • OpenStack: @xsgordon, @idvoretskyi, labels: area/platform/openstack