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Basic Management eXtensions for Apache
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build Additional s/fcgid/bmx/ and license applicstion corrections
modules/bmx And on to 0.9.7-dev
.gitignore Ignore another artifact of ./configure.apxs
INSTALL-BMX.txt Note corrected in-tree build options.
LICENSE-BMX.txt Refactor from automake to simplified in-tree/out-of-tree schema (as w… Add win32 build artifacts
Makefile.apxs Inject all three primary modules by default, but ignore mod_bmx_example. initial import
NOTICE-BMX.txt Update Copyright, set revision to tag now
README-BMX.txt Correct copyright, update status
configure.apxs Workaround to leave this example commented out
doxygen.conf initial import
mod_bmx.dsw Introduce dependencies to allow modules to link to mod_bmx
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