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Scripts to reproduce the results from Robitaille et al. (2012)
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This directory contains all the scripts and input files required to
reproduce the results in:

    A self-consistent model of Galactic stellar and dust infrared
    emission and the abundance of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

                       Robitaille et al., 2012



The scripts require the following packages to be installed:

* Python 2.7.3 (
* Numpy 1.6.2 (
* Matplotlib 1.1.0 (
* Hyperion 0.9.0 (
* ATpy 0.9.6 (
* PyFITS 3.0.7 (
* PyWCS 1.11-4.8.4 (
* APLpy 0.9.8 (
* Python Imaging Library 1.1.7 (
* h5py 2.0.1 (

The scripts may work with previous or future versions of these
dependencies, but the versions indicated are those used for the
published results.


The 'SKY/' directory contains the scripts used to produce the SKY model
for the stellar populations. The 'scripts/' directory contain the
scripts to set up, run, and post-process the radiative transfer model.
To run all the scripts in the right order, simply run:


in the top-level directory. The final models will be placed in a
directory called 'models/' and the plots will be placed in a directory
called 'plots/'. Note that if these directories exist, they will be
emptied before running the models.

Note that by default, the models will be run with 12 processes. If you
have fewer or more than 12 cores, you can change this by editing the
following line in scripts/

    os.system('hyperion -m 12 ...


    os.system('hyperion -m NPROC ...

where NPROC is the number of processes you want to use.

If you want to find the variances between the models and the data, you
can run:

    python scripts/

Online repository

The latest version of these files can be accessed at:

The tar file included with the paper is the version of the scripts used
for the published results, while the online repository may contain minor
fixes and improvements for anyone interested in using and expanding this


For any questions, please contact Thomas Robitaille <>
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