@seanmonstar seanmonstar released this Jan 11, 2017 · 805 commits to master since this release


  • client:
    • change ProxyConfig to allow HTTPS proxies (14a4f1c2)
    • remove experimental HTTP2 support (d301c6a1)
  • header: remove cookie dependency (f22701f7)
  • lib:
    • remove SSL dependencies (2f48612c)
    • remove serde-serialization feature (7b9817ed)

Breaking Changes

  • There is no more hyper::http::h2.


  • The Cookie and SetCookie headers no longer use the
    cookie crate. New headers can be written for any header, or the ones
    provided in hyper can be accessed as strings.


  • There is no longer a serde-serialization feature.
    Look at external crates, like hyper-serde, to fulfill this feature.


  • hyper will no longer provide OpenSSL support out of the
    box. The hyper::net::Openssl and related types are gone. The Client
    now uses an HttpConnector by default, which will error trying to
    access HTTPS URLs.

    TLS support should be added in from other crates, such as
    hyper-openssl, or similar using different TLS implementations.

    If using a client, take a look at reqwest.

    If using a server, look at hyper-native-tls or hyper-openssl.


  • Usage of with_proxy_config will need to change to
    provide a network connector. For the same functionality, a
    hyper::net::HttpConnector can be easily created and passed.