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Pull a list of contributors from all source repositories (as defined in ../common/ Will output the results at:


The results file is in the format of:


It is possible that a single person may have used multiple emails and/or names to contribute code. In that case, the email and/or name column will contain multiple values separated by a pipe (|) character.

The mailmap file contains a number of mappings that will ensure that the same contributor does not have multiple email addresses and/or names.

The cleanup.sed file will delete non-contributor entries (e.g., those created by tools) and ensure that the format is as specified above.


  • git
  • sed
  • awk
  • sort


This script is used on a yearly basis to get a list of contributors in the past year for TSC election rolls. [--since mm/dd/yyyy] [--until mm/dd/yyyy] [project-selector]+
 Get contributors from Hyperledger repositories.

   --fabric:   Include Fabric repositories
   --sawtooth: Include Sawtooth repositories
   --iroha:    Include Iroha repositories
   --burrow:   Include Burrow repositories
   --indy:     Include Indy repositories
   --composer: Include Composer repositories
   --cello:    Include Cello repositories
   --explorer: Include Explorer repositories
   --quilt:    Include Quilt repositories
   --caliper:  Include Caliper repositories
   --ursa:     Include Ursa repositories
   --grid:     Include Grid repositories                
   --projects: Include Project repositories
   --labs:     Include Labs repositories
   --other:    Include Other repositories
   --gerrit:   Include Gerrit repositories
   --github:   Include Github repositories
   --all:      Include all repositories
               Does not include labs or other repositories. (default)
   --since:    Includes commits more recent than this date (mm/dd/yyyy).
               By default starts from the start of the repo.
   --until:    Includes commits older than this date (mm/dd/yyyy).
               By default ends at the end of the repo.
   --output-dir <dir>: Where should output be placed. (Default: /tmp)
   --help:     Shows this help message
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