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Copyright SecureKey Technologies Inc. All Rights Reserved.
SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
package endpoint
import (
// EventEndpoint extends a Peer endpoint
type EventEndpoint struct {
Certificate *x509.Certificate
opts []options.Opt
// Opts returns additional options for the event connection
func (e *EventEndpoint) Opts() []options.Opt {
return e.opts
// BlockHeight returns the block height of the peer. If the peer doesn't contain any state info then 0 is returned.
func (e *EventEndpoint) BlockHeight() uint64 {
peerState, ok := e.Peer.(fab.PeerState)
if !ok {
return 0
return peerState.BlockHeight()
// FromPeerConfig creates a new EventEndpoint from the given config
func FromPeerConfig(config fab.EndpointConfig, peer fab.Peer, peerCfg *fab.PeerConfig) *EventEndpoint {
opts := comm.OptsFromPeerConfig(peerCfg)
opts = append(opts, comm.WithConnectTimeout(config.Timeout(fab.PeerConnection)))
return &EventEndpoint{
Peer: peer,
opts: opts,
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