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yacovm [FAB-10970] Make connection refusal more lenient
If the gossip communication layer is called to send a message to a peer
with a given PKI-ID, but after the handshake it discovers the remote peer
has a different PKI-ID than what was expected, it aborts the connection.

This is prolematic for cases where a peer has renewed its certificate, as
the PKI-ID which is a hash on the certificate, won't be the same - and
as a result, the reincarnated peer would be isolated.

This change set makes the connection be aborted only if the peer is
from a different organization.

Change-Id: I8e13dbce90a9df86eb40912f6e8105e8f19ef776
Signed-off-by: yacovm <>
(cherry picked from commit 95837c9)
Latest commit c232cbf Jul 3, 2018
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bccsp [FAB-10390] Set PKCS11 CKA_MODIFIABLE to false Aug 26, 2018
cmd [FAB-11001] Direct errors to stderr, not stdout Jul 14, 2018
common [FAB-11870] Remove KeyLevelEndorsement cap, from 1.2 Sep 5, 2018
core Merge "[FAB-11815] allow META-INF during validation" into release-1.2 Sep 7, 2018
devenv [FAB-9991] Cleanup bddtests/behave references May 10, 2018
discovery [FAB-11829] Log discovery requests/responses Aug 31, 2018
docs Merge "[FAB-11757] Add term migrate(v1.2)" into release-1.2 Sep 18, 2018
events [FAB-10655]Problematic client conn stops eventhub evts Jun 21, 2018
examples [FAB-11042] Fix broken links in documents Jul 6, 2018
gossip [FAB-10970] Make connection refusal more lenient Sep 18, 2018
idemix [FAB-10470] remove idemix revocation pk check May 30, 2018
images FAB-10426 jq missing from fabric-tools image May 28, 2018
integration [FAB-10715] Timeout error in CI Jun 19, 2018
msp Merge "[FAB-10370] change format for storing revocationpk" May 31, 2018
orderer Prepare release-1.2 branch for release Jul 3, 2018
peer [FAB-11468] Print error upon peer cmd failure Aug 3, 2018
protos [FAB-10617] Add writeset validation check during commit Jun 28, 2018
release/templates FAB-10815 remove javaenv from Jun 22, 2018
release_notes Prepare release-1.2 branch for release Jul 3, 2018
sampleconfig FAB-10993 Extraneous capabilities in configtx.yaml Jul 2, 2018
scripts [FAB-11062] Update README and for 1.2.0 Jul 5, 2018
unit-test Run pkcs11 tests for bccsp pkg Aug 27, 2018
vendor [FAB-10643] implement a new world Jun 15, 2018
.dockerignore [FAB-8551] Tool image binaries don't show version Apr 8, 2018
.gitattributes transfer from GitHub hyperledger/fabric Jul 26, 2016
.gitignore [FAB-9213] Move gotools/Makefile to Mar 31, 2018
.gitreview [FAB-9289] Add copyright to .gitreview Apr 2, 2018
.travis.yml FAB-4109 add missing license headers May 24, 2017 Prepare release-1.2 branch for release Jul 3, 2018 FAB-9356 add Apr 4, 2018 FAB-4261 add missing CCBY license to all md and rst May 31, 2017
Gopkg.lock [FAB-10643] implement a new world Jun 15, 2018
Gopkg.toml [FAB-10152] bump the go-yaml parser May 17, 2018
LICENSE transfer from GitHub hyperledger/fabric Jul 26, 2016
Makefile Prepare release-1.2 branch for 1.2.1 dev Jul 3, 2018 [FAB-11062] Update README and for 1.2.0 Jul 5, 2018 FAB-9077 Update go version to 1.10 Apr 1, 2018 FAB-7234 remove couchdb, kafka, zk from build Dec 1, 2017 [FAB-10348] Remove workaround for golint install May 24, 2018
settings.gradle Table implementation in java shim with example Oct 31, 2016
tox.ini FAB-7987 Add tox.ini for building docs in CI Jan 31, 2018

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