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Copyright IBM Corp. All Rights Reserved.
SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
package comm
import (
// Comm is an object that enables to communicate with other peers
// that also embed a CommModule.
type Comm interface {
// GetPKIid returns this instance's PKI id
GetPKIid() common.PKIidType
// Send sends a message to remote peers asynchronously
Send(msg *protoext.SignedGossipMessage, peers ...*RemotePeer)
// SendWithAck sends a message to remote peers, waiting for acknowledgement from minAck of them, or until a certain timeout expires
SendWithAck(msg *protoext.SignedGossipMessage, timeout time.Duration, minAck int, peers ...*RemotePeer) AggregatedSendResult
// Probe probes a remote node and returns nil if its responsive,
// and an error if it's not.
Probe(peer *RemotePeer) error
// Handshake authenticates a remote peer and returns
// (its identity, nil) on success and (nil, error)
Handshake(peer *RemotePeer) (api.PeerIdentityType, error)
// Accept returns a dedicated read-only channel for messages sent by other nodes that match a certain predicate.
// Each message from the channel can be used to send a reply back to the sender
Accept(common.MessageAcceptor) <-chan protoext.ReceivedMessage
// PresumedDead returns a read-only channel for node endpoints that are suspected to be offline
PresumedDead() <-chan common.PKIidType
// IdentitySwitch returns a read-only channel about identity change events
IdentitySwitch() <-chan common.PKIidType
// CloseConn closes a connection to a certain endpoint
CloseConn(peer *RemotePeer)
// Stop stops the module
// RemotePeer defines a peer's endpoint and its PKIid
type RemotePeer struct {
Endpoint string
PKIID common.PKIidType
// SendResult defines a result of a send to a remote peer
type SendResult struct {
// Error returns the error of the SendResult, or an empty string
// if an error hasn't occurred
func (sr SendResult) Error() string {
if sr.error != nil {
return sr.error.Error()
return ""
// AggregatedSendResult represents a slice of SendResults
type AggregatedSendResult []SendResult
// AckCount returns the number of successful acknowledgements
func (ar AggregatedSendResult) AckCount() int {
c := 0
for _, ack := range ar {
if ack.error == nil {
return c
// NackCount returns the number of unsuccessful acknowledgements
func (ar AggregatedSendResult) NackCount() int {
return len(ar) - ar.AckCount()
// String returns a JSONed string representation
// of the AggregatedSendResult
func (ar AggregatedSendResult) String() string {
errMap := map[string]int{}
for _, ack := range ar {
if ack.error == nil {
ackCount := ar.AckCount()
output := map[string]interface{}{}
if ackCount > 0 {
output["successes"] = ackCount
if ackCount < len(ar) {
output["failures"] = errMap
b, _ := json.Marshal(output)
return string(b)
// String converts a RemotePeer to a string
func (p *RemotePeer) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("%s, PKIid:%v", p.Endpoint, p.PKIID)
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