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Copyright IBM Corp. All Rights Reserved.
SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
package gossip
import (
// emittedGossipMessage encapsulates signed gossip message to compose
// with routing filter to be used while message is forwarded
type emittedGossipMessage struct {
filter func(id common.PKIidType) bool
// SendCriteria defines how to send a specific message
type SendCriteria struct {
Timeout time.Duration // Timeout defines the time to wait for acknowledgements
MinAck int // MinAck defines the amount of peers to collect acknowledgements from
MaxPeers int // MaxPeers defines the maximum number of peers to send the message to
IsEligible filter.RoutingFilter // IsEligible defines whether a specific peer is eligible of receiving the message
Channel common.ChannelID // Channel specifies a channel to send this message on. \
// Only peers that joined the channel would receive this message
// String returns a string representation of this SendCriteria
func (sc SendCriteria) String() string {
return fmt.Sprintf("channel: %s, tout: %v, minAck: %d, maxPeers: %d", sc.Channel, sc.Timeout, sc.MinAck, sc.MaxPeers)
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