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The grid-website repository contains source code and assets for the Hyperledger Grid website.

Building the Website Locally

This repository includes a docker-compose file that builds and runs the website in a Docker container.

Prerequisites: Docker Engine and Docker Compose must be installed and running.

  1. Create a local clone of the grid-website repository.

  2. Change to the root directory of your local clone, then run the following command:

    docker-compose up

    Note: If you have made changes, examine the output for Markdown syntax errors. These errors will appear on lines beginning with linter_1.

  3. When this command finishes, the site will be available at http://localhost:8000.

To stop the Docker container, enter [Ctrl]+C in the same terminal window where you ran docker-compose up, then run this command:

docker-compose down -v

Website Content

The content for the website's pages (Home, About, Community, etc.) is in Markdown files in /generator/source/. For example, the home page is /generator/source/ and the About page is /generator/source/


The Grid website and the content in this repository are covered by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0) unless otherwise noted.

Portions of the Grid website are generated with Jekyll, which is used under the MIT license.

The generated website uses the Type Theme, which is used under the MIT license.

Website generation includes the Markdown lint tool, which is used under the MIT license.

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