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  • Supported setting fees in did rotate-key CLI command.
  • Supported hexadecimal seed for did and key creation.
  • Removed TGB role.
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL Rust wrapper for Libindy.
  • Bugfixes.


  • Fixed Android build rustflags. Now all architectures have same flags.


  • Fixed ARGON2I constants usage to be compatible with the latest sodium.
  • Parameter submitter_did set as the optional field for:
    • Ledger API indy_build_get_* functions (except indy_build_get_validator_info_request).
    • all functions in Payment API.
  • Fixed Android build rustflags for all architectures for libc linking.


  • Early API types checks
  • Workaround for OS permissions on Android
  • Fix Android build ARMv7


  • Performed the following changes related to Libindy Wallet API:
    • Added separate API function indy_generate_wallet_key to generate a random wallet master key.
    • Updated key_derivation_method parameter of wallet credentials to accept the addition type - RAW. By using this type, the result of indy_generate_wallet_key can be passed as a wallet master key (key derivation will be skipped).
    • Updated Indy CLI wallet related commands to accept the addition parameter key_derivation_method.
  • Updated data parameter of indy_build_node_request API function to accept blskey_pop (Proof of possession for BLS key).
  • Bugfixes
    • Fixed build flags for Android.s
    • Other minor bugfixes.


  • Performed the following changes related to Libindy Ledger API:
    • Added indy_submit_action endpoint that provides the ability to send either GET_VALIDATOR_INFO or POOL_RESTART request to specific nodes and to specify custom timeout for a response from a node.
    • Updated indy_build_pool_upgrade_request API function to accept the additional parameter package that allow specify package to be upgraded.* Bugfixes
  • Added pool restart command in Indy CLI.
  • Updated Libindy CD pipeline to run iOS tests and to publish artifacts for Libindy and Libnullpay.
  • Updated wallet credentials to accept the additional parameter key_derivation_method. This parameter provides the ability to use different crypto algorithms for master key derivation.
  • Bugfixes

1.6.1 bugfixes

  • Fix connection performance issue
  • Fix Android publishing


  • Integrated tags based search in Anoncreds workflow:
    • Updated indy_prover_store_credential API function to create tags for a stored credential object.
    • API functions indy_prover_get_credentials and indy_prover_get_credentials_for_proof_req marked as Deprecated.
    • Added two chains of APIs related to credentials search that allows fetching records by batches:
      • Simple credentials search - indy_prover_search_credentials
      • Search credentials for proof request - indy_prover_search_credentials_for_proof_req
    • Supported WQL query language for all search functions in Anoncreds API.
  • Added indy_prover_get_credential API function allows to get human-readable credential by the specific id from Wallet.
  • Performed changes related to Libindy Wallet behavior:
    • Changed Wallet export serialization format to use the same message pack as the rest of LibIndy.
    • Removed association between Wallet and Pool.
    • Removed persistence of Wallet configuration by Libindy.
    • Updated wallet_create, wallet_open, wallet_delete functions to accept wallet configuration as a single JSON.
  • Performed changes related to Libindy Pool behavior:
    • Changed Pool connection logic to avoid unnecessary opened connections.
    • Changed Catch-up process to get all transactions from a single node.
    • Implemented logic of persisting of actual Pool Leger at the end of catch-up process and starting from this point on the next time.
    • Updated format of config parameter in indy_open_pool_ledger API function to specify runtime Pool configuration.
  • Payment API has been updated to support non-UTXO based crypto payments and traditional payments like VISA. Performed the following changes related to Libindy Payments API:
    • Changed format of input and output parameters.
    • Changed format of result values of indy_parse_response_with_fees and indy_parse_payment_response API functions.
    • Renamed indy_build_get_utxo_request and indy_parse_get_utxo_response API functions.
    • Added indy_build_verify_payment_req and indy_parse_verify_payment_response API functions.
    • Removed EXPERIMENTAL notice from endpoints.
  • Added ledger verify-payment-receipt command in Indy CLI.
  • Implemented experimental support of Android.
  • Bugfixes


  • There is migration guide about API changes.
  • Wallet format of libindy v1.6 isn't compatible with a wallet format of libindy v1.5. As result it is impossible to use wallets created with older libindy versions with libindy v1.6.


  • Introduction of Wallet Storage concept:
    • In v1.4 libindy allowed to plug different wallet implementations. Plugged wallet in v1.4 handled both security and storage layers. In contrast Libindy v1.5 restricts plugged interface by handling only storage layer. All encryption is performed in libindy. It simplifies plugged wallets and provides warranty of a good security level for 3d party wallets implementations.
    • The format of wallet data was changed for better security and support of efficient search
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL Wallet Export/Import API and corresponded commands to Indy CLI
  • indy_list_wallets endpoint is DEPRECATED and will be removed in the next release. The main idea is avoid maintaining created wallet list on libindy side. It will allow to access wallets from a cluster and solve some problems on mobile platforms. indy_create_wallet and indy_open_wallet endpoints will also get related changes in the next release.
  • Added Non-Secrets API that allows store and read
    application specific data in the wallet
  • Added EXPERIMENTAL Generic Payments API that provides ability to register custom payment method and then create payment addresses, build payment-related transactions, assign fees to transactions
  • Added ability to load custom plugins using Indy CLI
  • Added the set of commands in Indy CLI providing ability to perform the main payments operations:
    • Creation of payment address
    • Listing of payment addresses
    • Getting list of UTXO for payment address
    • Sending payment transaction
    • Adding fees to transactions
    • Getting transactions fees amount
  • Implemented simple Nullpay payment plugin that provide experience similar to real payments system
  • Implemented publishing of Ubuntu and Windows packages for Nullpay plugin
  • Added new Ledger API endpoints and corresponded commands in Indy CLI
    • GET Validator Info request builder
    • Restart POOL request builder
    • Add Multi Signature to request
  • Optimized Pool connection process. Libindy v1.5 uses cache of Pool Ledger to speed up opening pool operation.
  • Bugfixes


  • There is migration guide about API changes
  • Wallet format of libindy v1.5 isn't compatible with a wallet format of libindy v1.4. As result it is impossible to use wallets created with older libindy versions with libindy v1.5.
  • Tails handling contains breaking-change hotfix and blob-storage tails files generated by v1.4 is incompatible with 1.5.


  • Indy CLI tool added
  • Switching from DID-based crypto to keys-based crypto:
    • All DID-based crypto functions (signus module) are removed
    • Added key-based crypto module
    • Added functions to resolve keys for DIDs
  • Agent API moved into crypto module
  • Support the latest version of CL crypto (through indy-crypto library):
    • Added nonce for all protocol steps
    • Added consistency proofs for protocol steps
    • Representation of Proofs changed (sub-proofs now are ordered)
  • Support of complete Credentials Revocation workflow in Anoncreds API:
    • Support large Tails handling through BlobStorage API
    • Support new Revocation transactions
    • Add calls for remote Witness calculation
    • State-less approach in Credential issuance process
    • Unified reference approach for Anoncreds entities
  • Extend DID API: added some methods for iteration over entities in the wallet.
  • Bugfixes


  • There is migration guide about API changes
  • The changes for Credential Revocation invalidates any Anoncreds made with SDK 1.3. They must be reissued
  • This release is intended for development purposes only. The 1.5.0 release of the SDK will contain changes to the wallet format. If you plan to put durable artifacts in the wallet, let us know so we can discuss migration to the future format


  • Encryption option for default wallet is added


  • indy_key_for_local_did added


  • Replaced Agent2Agent API
  • New Crypto API
  • Updated Signus API


  • Initial release