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VCX Pod for iOS

how to get a archive of vcx.framework

  1. open /Users/norm/forge/work/code/evernym/sdk-evernym/vcx/wrappers/ios/vcx/vcx.xcodeproj in xcode
  2. Select vcx as the target in Xcode
  3. Select generic iOS device as Build only device
  4. Select the menu Product -> archive
  5. If every thing compiled successfully then folder with vcx.framework will be opened
  6. Copy libvcx.a file to vcx.framework/lib/
  7. Copy ConnectMeVcx.h,libvcx.h,vcx.h files to vcx.framework/headers
  8. Copy vcx.framework into a folder with name vcx

$ mkdir -p /Users/username/path to sdk/vcx/wrappers/ios/vcx/tmp/vcx/ $ cp -rp vcx.framewrok /Users/username/path to sdk/vcx/wrappers/ios/vcx/tmp/vcx/ $ cd /Users/username/path to sdk/vcx/wrappers/ios/vcx/tmp/ $ zip -r vcx.framework_[version]_[arch].zip vcx (i.e. zip -r vcx)

  1. upload vcx.framework_[version]_[arch].zip to repo to get a url. $ curl --insecure -u normjarvis -X POST -F file=@./
  2. Download the file at