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use super::helper_constraints::constrain_lc_with_scalar;
use crate::errors::{R1CSError, R1CSErrorKind};
use crate::r1cs::{ConstraintSystem, LinearCombination, Prover, R1CSProof, Variable, Verifier};
use amcl_wrapper::field_elem::FieldElement;
use amcl_wrapper::group_elem_g1::{G1Vector, G1};
use merlin::Transcript;
use rand::{CryptoRng, Rng};
/* This constraint system has linear (in set size) cost and should only be used for small, static
/// Constraints for set membership check
/// Create a new set with values being difference between the set value at that index and the value being proved a member.
/// Now ensure that the product of members of this new set is 0
/// eg. Original set is (a, b, c, d, e). It is to be proved that x is a member of set.
/// Create new set (a-x, b-x, c-x, d-x, e-x). Now ensure product (a-x).(b-x).(c-x).(d-x).(e-x) = 0
pub fn set_membership_gadget<CS: ConstraintSystem>(
cs: &mut CS,
v: Variable,
diff_vars: Vec<Variable>,
set: &[FieldElement],
) -> Result<(), R1CSError> {
let set_length = set.len();
// Accumulates product of elements in `diff_vars`
let mut product: LinearCombination = Variable::One().into();
for i in 0..set_length {
// Since `diff_vars[i]` is `set[i] - v`, `diff_vars[i]` + `v` should be `set[i]`
constrain_lc_with_scalar::<CS>(cs, diff_vars[i] + v, &set[i]);
let (_, _, o) = cs.multiply(product.clone(), diff_vars[i].into());
product = o.into();
// Ensure product of elements if `diff_vars` is 0
/// Takes the given prover enforce the set membership constraints.
pub fn prove_set_membership<R: Rng + CryptoRng>(
value: FieldElement,
randomness: Option<FieldElement>,
set: &[FieldElement],
rng: Option<&mut R>,
prover: &mut Prover,
) -> Result<Vec<G1>, R1CSError> {
check_for_blindings_or_rng!(randomness, rng)?;
let set_length = set.len();
let mut comms = vec![];
let mut diff_vars = vec![];
// Commit to member
let (com_value, var_value) = prover.commit(
randomness.unwrap_or_else(|| FieldElement::random_using_rng(rng.unwrap())),
for i in 0..set_length {
// Take difference of set element and value, `set[i] - value` and commit to it
let diff = &set[i] - &value;
let (com_diff, var_diff) = prover.commit(diff.clone(), FieldElement::random());
set_membership_gadget(prover, var_value, diff_vars, &set)?;
/// Takes the given verifier enforce the set membership constraints.
pub fn verify_set_membership(
set: &[FieldElement],
mut commitments: Vec<G1>,
verifier: &mut Verifier,
) -> Result<(), R1CSError> {
let set_length = set.len();
let mut diff_vars = vec![];
let var_val = verifier.commit(commitments.remove(0));
for _ in 1..=set_length {
let var_diff = verifier.commit(commitments.remove(0));
set_membership_gadget(verifier, var_val, diff_vars, &set)?;
/// Initializes a prover, enforces the set membership constraints and outputs the proof and
/// the commitment.
pub fn gen_proof_of_set_membership<R: Rng + CryptoRng>(
value: FieldElement,
randomness: Option<FieldElement>,
set: &[FieldElement],
rng: Option<&mut R>,
transcript_label: &'static [u8],
g: &G1,
h: &G1,
G: &G1Vector,
H: &G1Vector,
) -> Result<(R1CSProof, Vec<G1>), R1CSError> {
let mut prover_transcript = Transcript::new(transcript_label);
let mut prover = Prover::new(&g, &h, &mut prover_transcript);
let comms = prove_set_membership(value, randomness, set, rng, &mut prover)?;
let proof = prover.prove(G, H)?;
Ok((proof, comms))
/// Initializes a verifier, enforces the set membership constraints and checks the correctness of
/// the proof.
pub fn verify_proof_of_set_membership(
set: &[FieldElement],
proof: R1CSProof,
commitments: Vec<G1>,
transcript_label: &'static [u8],
g: &G1,
h: &G1,
G: &G1Vector,
H: &G1Vector,
) -> Result<(), R1CSError> {
let mut verifier_transcript = Transcript::new(transcript_label);
let mut verifier = Verifier::new(&mut verifier_transcript);
verify_set_membership(set, commitments, &mut verifier)?;
verifier.verify(&proof, g, h, G, H)
mod tests {
use super::*;
use crate::utils::get_generators;
use amcl_wrapper::group_elem::GroupElement;
fn test_set_membership() {
let mut rng = rand::thread_rng();
let set = vec![
let value = FieldElement::from(3);
let G: G1Vector = get_generators("G", 64).into();
let H: G1Vector = get_generators("H", 64).into();
let g = G1::from_msg_hash("g".as_bytes());
let h = G1::from_msg_hash("h".as_bytes());
let label = b"SetMembership";
let (proof, commitments) =
gen_proof_of_set_membership(value, None, &set, Some(&mut rng), label, &g, &h, &G, &H)
verify_proof_of_set_membership(&set, proof, commitments, label, &g, &h, &G, &H).unwrap();