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Status line plugin for Hyper
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HyperLine is a status line plugin for It shows you useful system information such as free memory, uptime and CPU usage.



  • NOTE: HyperLine is not currently supported when using Microsoft Windows. See this issue for additional information.

To install, edit ~/.hyper.js and add "hyperline" to plugins:

plugins: [

Styling the line

We implemented the same mechanism for styling/creating css classes that Hyper uses. This will allow you to create custom HyperLine themes the same way you would create a Hyper css theme.

Configuring plugins

Add the names of plugins in the order in which you would like them to be displayed to your ~/.hyper.js:

config: {                                                                      
  hyperline: {                                                                 
    plugins: [                                                                 

You can see a list of all available plugins in src/lib/plugins/index.js


Feel free to contribute to HyperLine by requesting a feature, submitting a bug or contributing code.

To set up the project for development:

  1. Clone this repository into ~/.hyper_plugins/local/
  2. Run npm install within the project directory
  3. Run npm run build to build the plugin OR npm run dev to build the plugin and watch for file changes.
  4. Add the name of the directory to localPlugins in ~/.hyper.js.
  5. Reload terminal window



This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

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