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+Elisp is a Lisp
+There are many Lisps and ELisp is one of them. As you will see Lisp is a rich and complex language made from many small and fundamental components.
+Lisp has a long history going back to 1958 and over the years has spawned many dialects, including:
+* many variants of Common Lisp
+* Scheme
+* Clojure
+* Paul Graham's Arc
+One of the characteristics of Lisp is that Lisp programmes are also Lisp data. Many advanced Lisp techniques involve using meta-programming - the use of a Lisp to generate and execute Lisp programmes.
+One consequence of this is the various Lisp implementations have themselves diverged with different collections of libraries that can radically alter the 'flavour' of a particular dialect.
+This variance can make it hard to learn a Lisp from scratch. It if very difficult for a beginner to untangle the various dialects from each other.
+This book very much focused on Elisp and largely eschews any discussion of other dialects to avoid complicating things for people learning, what is in many cases, a radically different way for programming.
+There are a small number of places where other Lisp implementations will be discussed, but they are all paranthetic to the main book - and none of them will be in the *lessons* themselves.
+Other Lisp Resources
+There are a number of freely available Lisp books, including:
+* `On Lisp`_
+* `Practical Common Lisp`_
+There are also purchasable books, including:
+* `The Little Schemer`_
+Although the focus of this book is on building Emacs tools, another intention is to teach enough Lisp that a beginner can cheerfully use the extensive Emacs Lisp reference documentation, and feel confident to try out other dialects of Lisp.
+.. _On Lisp:
+.. _Practical Common Lisp:
+.. _The Little Schemer:
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3 - eLisp Scripts
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