Capistrano tasks for foreman and upstart.
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Capistrano Foreman

Code Climate

Capistrano tasks for foreman and upstart/systemd.


$ gem install capistrano-foreman

Add this to your Capfile:

require 'capistrano/foreman'

# Default settings
set :foreman_use_sudo, false # Set to :rbenv for rbenv sudo, :rvm for rvmsudo or true for normal sudo
set :foreman_roles, :all
set :foreman_init_system, 'upstart'
set :foreman_export_path, ->{ File.join(Dir.home, '.init') }
set :foreman_app, -> { fetch(:application) }
set :foreman_app_name_systemd, -> { "#{ fetch(:foreman_app) }.target" }
set :foreman_options, ->{ {
  app: application,
  log: File.join(shared_path, 'log')
} }

See exporting options for an exhaustive list of foreman options.


Export Procfile to upstart/systemd:

$ bundle exec cap production foreman:export

Restart the application services:

$ bundle exec cap production foreman:restart


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