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Code for MashBOT, by Helen J Burgess
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Code for MashBOT, by Helen J Burgess

Printer.ino Arduino sketch for board,, history.txt for twitterbot - replace text in keys with your own twitter access keys

corpus.txt for twitterbot: replace with your own corpus

mashers.txt - my sample corpus

feeder folder - to get tweets OUT of twitter account and write to a page

cron - sample cron job to initiate a print

Thanks to Andrew Biggart for PHP script

Thanks to Jeremy Singer-Vine for Markovify

Thanks to Joshua Roesslein for Tweepy

Thanks to James Adam at for Arduino sketch

Thanks to Ryan Sheppard for MarkovPicard, which helped me figure out the necessary commands for Markovify and Tweepy

Thanks to Zach Whalen for Google SPreadsheets twitterbot method

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