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Hypersign Protocol

A New High-Performance self-sovereign identity and user-centric distributed ledger

Hello world, from the Hypersign team 👋

hypersign is building a decentralized 🆔 identity layer for the internet, giving 💁🏻‍♂️ users control of their personal data and identity whilst digital enabling trust for 🏭 businesses.

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  1. hid-node hid-node Public

    A permissionless blockchain network to manage digital identity and access rights

    Go 220 23

  2. hid-ssi-js-sdk hid-ssi-js-sdk Public

    Java script sdk for creating and verifying dids, diddocs, verifiable credentials and verifiable presentations.

    JavaScript 5

  3. HIPs HIPs Public

    Hypersign Improvement Proposals (HIPs) describe standards for the Hypersign platform, including core protocol specifications, wallet specifications, client APIs etc.

    3 2

  4. awesome-hypersign awesome-hypersign Public

    hack:DiD submissions

    Vue 1 5

  5. hypersign-identity-wallet hypersign-identity-wallet Public

    Forked from superhero-com/superhero-wallet

    Hypersign Identity Wallet is mobile/web wallet where user can store cryptographic keys as well as credenitals issued by various issuers.

    Vue 8 5


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