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This repository contains a list of HyperSpy extensions. HyperSpy extensions are packages that use the HyperSpy extension mechanism to add functionality to HyperSpy (such as GUI widgets) and/or register new subclasses of HyperSpy objects (such as components and signals).

Adding a HyperSpy extension to the list

Note that the information in this file is automatically generated. To add a package just open an issue with the request and we'll get it done for you. Alternatively, follow these instructions and send us a pull request.

(Known) HyperSpy extensions

Package name Brief description
hyperspy-gui-ipywidgets ipywidgets widgets for HyperSpy
hyperspy-gui-traitsui traitsui widgets for HyperSpy
KikuchiPy Processing and analysis of electron backscatter diffraction patterns
LumiSpy Analysis of luminescence spectroscopy data
pyxem Multi-dimensional diffraction microscopy

List of signal_type classes provided by the different HyperSpy extensions in alphabetical order

signal_type aliases class name package
beam_shift BeamShift pyxem
CL_SEM CLSEM, cathodoluminescence SEM CLSEMSpectrum lumispy
CL_STEM CLSTEM, cathodoluminescence STEM CLSTEMSpectrum lumispy
CL CLSpectrum, cathodoluminescence CLSpectrum lumispy
correlation Correlation1D pyxem
correlation Correlation2D pyxem
dpc DPCBaseSignal pyxem
dpc DPCSignal1D pyxem
dpc DPCSignal2D pyxem
DielectricFunction dielectric function DielectricFunction hyperspy
diffraction Diffraction1D pyxem
diffraction Diffraction2D pyxem
diffraction_variance DiffractionVariance1D pyxem
diffraction_variance DiffractionVariance2D pyxem
diffraction_vectors DiffractionVectors pyxem
diffraction_vectors DiffractionVectors2D pyxem
tensor_field DisplacementGradientMap pyxem
EBSD electron_backscatter_diffraction EBSD kikuchipy
EBSDMasterPattern ebsd_master_pattern, master_pattern EBSDMasterPattern kikuchipy
ECPMasterPattern ecp_master_pattern ECPMasterPattern kikuchipy
EDS_SEM EDSSEMSpectrum hyperspy
EDS_TEM EDSTEMSpectrum hyperspy
EELS TEM EELS EELSSpectrum hyperspy
EL ELSpectrum, electroluminescence ELSpectrum lumispy
electron_diffraction ElectronDiffraction1D pyxem
electron_diffraction ElectronDiffraction2D pyxem
hologram HologramImage hyperspy
Luminescence LuminescenceSpectrum LumiSpectrum lumispy
Transient TRLumi, TR luminescence, time-resolved luminescence LumiTransient lumispy
TransientSpec TRLumiSpec, TR luminescence spectrum, time-resolved luminescence spectrum LumiTransientSpectrum lumispy
PL PLSpectrum, photoluminescence PLSpectrum lumispy
pair_distribution_function PairDistributionFunction1D pyxem
polar_diffraction PolarDiffraction2D pyxem
power Power2D pyxem
reduced_intensity ReducedIntensity1D pyxem
vector_matching VectorMatchingResults pyxem
VirtualBSEImage virtual_backscatter_electron_image VirtualBSEImage kikuchipy
virtual_dark_field VirtualDarkFieldImage pyxem


A list of known HyperSpy extensions






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