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hypersurge committed Nov 4, 2017
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[![MIT License](](LICENSE) [![Haxelib Version](](
[![MIT License](](LICENSE) [![Haxelib Version](](
# awe6, the inverted game framework
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haxelib build list:
Export /assets/templates/flashDevelop, zip and replace /lib/__resources/
Copy contents of /assets/templates/flashDevelop to a zip and replace /lib/__resources/
Run /assets/build/compileRun.hxml (to generate /lib/run.n)
Run /app/compileHaxedoc.hxml (to generate /lib/haxedoc.xml)
Update /lib/haxelib.json with relevant version and comments (increment minor version, and set revision to number of commits+1 as seen on
Git commit to Master, push to github
Zip /app/scripts/haxelib name as awe6-X,X,
Copy contents of /lib/ to a zip and rename as awe6-X,X,
Virus scan (and manually review) awe6-X,X,
Test: haxelib install awe6-X,X,
Test run: haxelib run awe6 install
Perform tests: create a new project with each template, build it
Git commit and push to Github Remote, merge to Master
Submit: haxelib submit awe6-X,X,
Create a new release on
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