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Pathfinder is an A* (A Star) pathfinding and graph traversal library designed primarily for use with awe6 (optional).

This Haxe library extends statm's haxe-astar algorithm to generate optimised paths on a boolean grid / map using A* heuristics. Great for NPC navigation in RTS games!

See some examples.


First set up the map:

class Map implements IMap
	public var rows( default, null ):Int;
	public var cols( default, null ):Int;

	public function new( p_cols:Int, p_rows:Int )
		cols = p_cols;
		rows = p_rows;
		// create an array of tiles, and determine if they are walkable or obstructed
	public function isWalkable( p_x:Int, p_y:Int ):Bool
		// return true if the corresponding tile is walkable, and false if it obstructed

Next set up the pathfinder:

var l_map = new Map( 30, 30 ); // Create a 30x30 map
var l_pathfinder = new Pathfinder( l_map ); // Create a Pathfinder engine configured for our map
var l_startNode = new Coordinate( 10, 10 ); // 	The starting node
var l_destinationNode = new Coordinate( 20, 20 ); // The destination node
var l_heuristicType = EHeuristic.PRODUCT; // The method of A Star used
var l_isDiagonalEnabled = true; // Set to false to ensure only up, left, down, right movements are allowed
var l_isMapDynamic = false; // Set to true to force fresh lookups from IMap.isWalkable() for each node's isWalkable property (e.g. for a dynamically changing map)

var l_path = l_pathfinder.createPath( l_startNode, l_destinationNode, l_heuristicType, l_isDiagonalEnabled, l_isMapDynamic );
for ( i in l_path )
	// handle the path - e.g. have an NPC add each coodinate as a waypoint to process

Please note, for real-world implementations local variables need not be used, they are shown here for ease of explanation.


The following A Star Heuristics are included:

  • Diagonal: pretty & accurate (the allrounder)
  • Product: fast and pretty but might not be shortest (the beauty) - the default
  • Euclidian: shortest path but slow (the brainiac)
  • Manhattan: fastest, ugliest, least accurate (the athlete)

A demo suite, to visually illustrate the various heuristics, is available in the demo folder. The demo uses the awe6 and createjs libraries available on haxelib and can be seen online here.