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from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, include, url
# Uncomment the next two lines to enable the admin:
from django.contrib import admin
urlpatterns = patterns('',
# Examples:
# url(r'^$', 'myproject.views.home', name='home'),
# url(r'^myproject/', include('')),
# Uncomment the admin/doc line below to enable admin documentation:
url(r'^admin/doc/', include('django.contrib.admindocs.urls')),
# Uncomment the next line to enable the admin:
url(r'^admin/', include(,
urlpatterns += patterns('django.views.generic.simple',
(r'^$', 'direct_to_template', {'template': 'base.html'}),
# (r'^foo/(?P<id>\d+)/$', 'direct_to_template', {'template': 'foo_detail.html'}),
# Serving static/media files could be better with Django. Here's how to do it in the development server (and use href="{{ STATIC_URL }}css/mysite.css" in mysite/myproject/templates/base.html). In production I believe it will be controlled by a the server's configuration, in this case (nginx), in the file mysite/myproject/etc/nginx.conf
from django.conf import settings
if settings.DEBUG :
urlpatterns += patterns('',
url(r'^static/(?P<path>.*)$', 'django.views.static.serve', {'document_root': settings.STATIC_ROOT, 'show_indexes': True}),