Simple weblog application written in Django to help me learn the framework.
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I started with this excellent tutorial. The code is liberally commented.

Simon Griffee


To Do

  • Implement clean date-based permalink URLs with filename.html: Webnotes > 2012 > January > 30 > NoteTile.html

    Article Archive: webnotes/archive/ - displays all original articles. Link Archive: webnotes/links/ - displays latest 15 links and then a list of past year, month archives in the following format:

    • January 2012
    • December 2011
    • November 2011

    Link Month Archive: webnotes/links/2012/january/ - displays all links for January 2012.

  • Add get_absolute_url method to Notes model

  • Customize published date field with lightweight datepicker widget?

  • Modify Markdown footnotes extension (or rather move it into the project) to add datestamp to footnote anchor so footnote links are unique on notes list page displaying more than one article with a footnote. i.e. #fnr1-2012-01-29 instead of #fn:1'- Looks like this is fixed by setting the unique ids option to True in the python-markdown footnotes extention. May still want to modify it so that the date and time in the format yyyymmdd-hhmmss is the unique_prefix instead of a number.

  • Implement django static generator so we are serving static files in HTML on server. Also try to find a way to have static files in Markdown format on the server.

  • Fixtures example for a note demonstrating Markdown with footnotes, syntax highlighting and nice typography courtesy of typogryfy.

  • One-click download of all notes in .txt (plain text in Markdown format), .html or .json format for easy backup.

  • Messages for display after adding, updating and deleting notes, maybe using Ajax.

  • Use jQuery timeago plugin for dates?

  • XML/RPC API for remote publishing.

  • Atom/RSS feeds.

  • Auto-save on note editing views?