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Simple and ubiquitous integration architecture testing
Ruby Java Shell
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Axiom (working title) is a framework for testing integration scenarios and
validating expectations about routing/rules and business logic executed in 
a variety of systems integration landscapes.

The projects aims are:

 - Make testing integration scenarios simple(r)
   - Simple to understand
   - Simple to configure, deploy and run axiom itself
   - Simple to hook up to your existing infrastructure
 - Facilitate instrumenting/debugging complex integration architectures (simply)
 - Provide a set of (simple) mechanisms for verifying rules/constraints 
 - Provide immediate feedback in useful formats (surefire reports, rss feeds, email, etc) 

Axiom is distributed under a BSD-style license (please see the LICENSE document for details).


Axiom is a java application with embedded jruby. It uses the apache camel 
routing/mediation engine to interact with your integration stack (messaging
systems, web servers, service brokers, ESBs, etc). Camel not only integrates 
well with a variety of different transports/protocols, it also provides a rich
routing DSL (in java, scala or spring-xml dialects) which makes for simple configuration.

The camel libraries also provide a lot of the Enterprise Integration Patterns 
as components of the framework, making it simpler and easier to reason about your 
design using well trodden techniques.

To this heady mix, Axiom adds the facilities to provide extensions to the standard java
DSL in java and jruby and provides a simple and intuitive mechanism for loading these
"plugins" into your own route definition scripts. 


Axiom-core is in the Alpha/Prototyping stage and has not been under active 
development since late 2009. I hope this situation will change in the near future. 
Contributions are most welcome. 

Getting Started

For details on how to build and/or install please read the relevant INSTALL and/or
BUILD document(s).

Further information is available from the sourceforge home page (,
and "axiology", the axiom blog ( The source code for this 
project is available at

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