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ErlXSL Sablotron Provider

This project implements an XSLT Engine Provider for the ErlXSL XSLT driver.


The ErlXSL OTP application provides a binding to native XSLT engines, via either a port program or linked-in port driver interface. The choice of XSLT engine is pluggable via a simple API, and this project implements that API in order to provide access to Sablotron XSLT Engine via the linked-in driver interface. A port driver version may be provided at a later stage.

Status & Release Management

This project is in alpha at the moment, and as such both the API and functionality is subject to change. We use Semantic Versioning to manage our releases (as does ErlXSL). All major and minor versions will be tagged for release. Release candidates (i.e., revision builds) might be tagged.

Target System Requirements

The ErlXSL OTP application running on a version of the Erlang/OTP platform >= R13B01, and a valid install of Sablotron are the only software prerequisites. Sablotron provides a number of optional features that depend on other libraries (such as iconv and the Mozilla Javascript Runtime). You should refer to its documentation if you wish to use these.

Supported Platforms

ErlXSL has (currently) been tested on OS-X, Debian Linux and several other debian-based distros (including Ubuntu). For a complete list of supported Operating Systems, see the ErlXSL Wiki.

The list of supported platforms for Sablotron can be found on the project home page.