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%% Port compilation environment variables.
{port_sources, ["c_src/*.c", "inttest/c_src/*.c"]}.
{so_specs, [
%% {"priv/bin/", ["c_src/erlxsl_drv.o"]},
{"priv/bin/", ["c_src/erlxsl.o"]},
{"priv/test/bin/", ["inttest/c_src/test_engine.o"]}
{port_envs, [
%% TODO: make -DDEBUG configurable as part of the build!?
{"DRV_CFLAGS", "$DRV_CFLAGS -Wall -Werror -I c_src -I $ERL_INCLUDES -DDEBUG"},
%%{"DRV_LDFLAGS", "-Wl,-rpath priv/lib $DRV_LDFLAGS"},
%% Define flags for enabling/disable 64 bit build
{"-32$", "CFLAGS", "-m32"},
{"-64$", "LDFLAGS", "-m64"},
%% Solaris specific flags
{"solaris.*", "DRV_LDFLAGS", "$DRV_LDFLAGS -lrt"},
%% OS X Flags (generic)
{"darwin.*", "LDFLAGS", "-fPIC -bundle -flat_namespace -undefined suppress"},
%% OS X flags for 32-bit
{"darwin.*-32$", "LDFLAGS", "-arch i386 $LDFLAGS"},
{"darwin.*-64$", "LDFLAGS", "-arch x86_64 $LDFLAGS"}
%% Create the test harness that we'll use later on in our ct tests
{pre_hooks, [{compile, "make -C inttest compile"}]}.
%% {port_cleanup_script, ""}.
%% Custom name of the port driver .so file. Defaults to `<Application>'.
%% {so_name, ""}.
{erl_opts, [debug_info]}.
{cover_enabled, true}.
{cover_print_enabled, true}.
{clean_files, ["logs", "priv/test/bin/test_harness"]}. %%, "inttest/deps/cspec"]}.