checking for races with mnesia sync tx
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You'll need an up to date copy of rebar on your system - I'd recommend at least 2.0.0 but actually fetching and installing from basho/rebar master will also work fine at the time of writing (October 9th, 2012).

$ git clone git://
$ cd mnesia_tx_check
$ rebar get-deps compile
$ rebar skip_deps=true systest

If you want to see additional logging info in the console, you can run rebar in verbose mode by adding -v 4 to that last command.


A six node cluster is configured in ./resources/nodes.resource, where each node is started using the slave module. The cluster on_start hooks bootstraps mnesia for all the nodes, whilst the slave/node on_join hook triggers the mnesia_tx_check application startup, which starts exercising the database somewhat vigorously. The test suite (in the ./test directory) restarts nodes with some degree of randomness, in the coice of node and timing of the restarts.