Erlang/OTP Node Monitoring
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Nodewatch - A Diagnostic Monitoring Application for Erlang/OTP

Nodewatch is intended to assist with diagnostic (e.g. performance) monitoring of Erlang/OTP software systems. It provides

  1. A dynamic, web based dashboard with streaming status/event data
  2. A database in which to set up (per-user) configuration
  3. A RESTful API for accessing configuration + status information
  4. Tools for network/node discovery when using distributed erlang
  5. Simple (file based) Node Monitoring Configuration (DB based in the future)
  6. More stuff I haven't thought of yet (alarms, historical reports, etc)


Because sysadmins don't all love the shell as much as you think. Besides this, sometimes you need to know what's up with your cluster when you're sitting way outside a corporate LAN/WAN, and connecting to a secure web application is a nice clean way to get the visibility you need.


Many awesome open source libraries have made Nodewatch possible, not least of which is eper. Nodewatch mainly builds on existing capabilities.


Nodewatch is made available under a permissive, BSD-style open source license. Please see the associated LICENSE file for details.

Further information

See the wiki for documentation and FAQs. Other useful sources of information include

  • The INSTALL file, for instructions on installing from binary and/or sources
  • The NOTES file, which outlines the structure of the project sources