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Adds the concept of a 'phase' to rebar, allowing you to run multiple commands in step
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Support for build phases in rebar

This plugin provides a mechanism for introducing the concept of a build lifecycle to rebar projects, allowing for a clearly defined process where phases can depend on one another.

Using the plugin, you can set up your build lifecycle once, in your global rebar config (i.e., $HOME/.rebar/config), distribute custom lifecycle config on a per-project basis, or have your phases loaded from a specific dependency. The latter case allows you to distribute your lifecycle configuration as a separate library (containing configuration only!) and users can install this into $ERL_LIBS (recommended) or code:lib_dir (not so much), or you can have it pulled down via deps in all your projects and reference it that way.

Simple example

{phases, [
    % phase              depends-on       executes
    {build,              [],              ['get-deps', filter, compile]},
    {test,               build,           [eunit, qc]},
    {package,            build,           [generate, dist]},
    {'integration-test', [package, test], [ct, tsung]}

More examples

See the examples folder for use-cases.


BSD-like, do pretty much what you like license.

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