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A plugin to run retest suites from rebar
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Rebar ReTest Plugin

This is a rebar plugin that allows users to run ReTest by giving rebar a new retest command. More information about ReTest is available from


You can either (a) install into your ERL_LIBS path or (b) require the plugin as a rebar dependency. For (a), you may wish to use a package manager:

user@host$ alias PMAN='epm' # or agner, sutro, cean, etc
user@host$ PMAN install hyperthunk/rebar-retest-plugin

Using rebar deps you may reference the plugin like so:

{deps, [
  {'rebar-retest-plugin', ".*",
      {git, "../../rebar-retest-plugin", "master"}}


Include the plugin (name) in your rebar.config in order to make its commands available to rebar.

{rebar_plugins, [rebar_retest_plugin]}.

You can now run retest from rebar:

user@host$ rebar retest -v

For a comprehensive example of how the plugin can be used, you might take a look at the rebar.config and retest suites in place here.


The ReTest plugin supports the following configuration options:

  1. retest_testdir: the directory in which test files/dirs are located
  2. retest_verbose: instruct retest to run in verbose mode
  3. retest_loglevel: specify the log level (passed to retest_log)
  4. retest_outdir: the work directory retest should use

NB: The directory specified by retest_outdir will be recursively deleted when the rebar clean command is given and the ReTest plugin configured in your rebar.config file. This defaults to


This plugin is made available under a permissive BSD-style license. See the LICENSE file for details.

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