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Rebar skip_deps Plugin travis

This is an experimental plugin that re-implements as a pure plugin, without changing the default deps behaviour in rebar itself.


This plugin relies on a feature which is currently sitting in the official rebar repository as a pull request. Until this is merged, you will need to use this fork of rebar in order to utilise the plugin. There is no guarantee that the pull request will be accepted, so this plugin will remain experimental until such time as it is.


Specify the commands for which you want to skip deps like so:

{skip_dep_cmds, [clean, create]}.

If you also want to skip certain sub_dirs, you can configure this explicitly as well, and these will be added to the skip list along with any deps whenever the commands you've configured to skip are being excluded.

    %% this configuration will skip the `clean` and `create`
    %% commands in the deps/xml_writer and rel directories

    {deps, [{xml_writer, ".*"}]}.
    {skip_dep_cmds, [clean, create]}.
    {skip_subdirs, ["rel"]}.

You can set up the plugin (and skip_dep_cmds config) in either your global (i.e., in $HOME/.rebar/config) or local config. Setting up the plugin in global config will require that you install the plugin beams into either your code:lib_dir or a path listed in the ERL_LIBS environment variable, in order for the beams to get picked up by rebar. Projects which specify the plugin as a dependency (or use remote_plugin_loader) don't require this step.

Running the integration tests

You can run the integration tests by issuing the following command:

$ ./rebar -C test.config get-deps compile retest -v