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🎮 Custom launcher that saves accounts for Toontown Rewritten.
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Multitoon Helper

Multitoon Helper is a program aimed at users who have a lot of TTR accounts. This program can track the accounts and allow for more easier time logging into them. This program can also update TTR files. It also comes with MultiController and Multi-Click!



Before you use this program, you are going to need Panda3D-1.9.0. Make sure it installs in the default directory.

Setting Up

First, open the config/accounts.json file and add your accounts. To add your accounts, change the username# and password# fields. To add more accounts, simply just copy and paste a field. Make sure the numbers are in order starting from zero. Make sure to set your TTR install directory in the TTRLocation.txt. Please use \ instead of /!


After you added your account, restart the program. If the JSON file is correct, then your username(s) will be listed. Double click one to login. The game will now launch with that account. You can launch as many accounts as you wish.


The download can be found on the release page. Make a new folder and extract the contents of the zip file. Run Multitoon-Helper.jar to use.


If you have any ideas or better ways to handle this program, feel free to! The code is not the best, it's one of my first programs that actually works.


Nothing happens when I run Multitoon-Helper.jar!

There was some error. Run the .jar from command prompt like this: java -jar Multitoon-Helper.jar. That will show an error message. Feel free to create an issue.

My accounts.json is not correct?

This means that your accounts.json is not a valid json file. Check the formatting.

My accounts.json can't be found.

Make sure it is named correctly and it's in the config folder.


Is this program allowed?

Yes. TTR allows third-party launchers. They don't allow custom game engines.

Does this support 2FA and Toonguard?

Yes. When you double click an account, it will ask your for the code on the prompt.

Libraries Used


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