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Build live location sharing in your Android app
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Live Location Sharing

Open Source Love License: MIT

This open source app for Live Location Sharing is built with HyperTrack. Developers can now build live location sharing into their apps within minutes by using HyperTrack Live source code. For iOS, refer to our open source iOS repository.

HyperTrack Live for Android is available on the Google Play Store for use by users signed up with HyperTrack. HyperTrack Live for iOS is available on the public App Store.

👋 Read our blog post announcement to learn more about this sample app.

The app demonstrates a simple flow for users to share their live location with friends through their favorite messaging app when on the way to meet up. The convenient 23-character secure short-URL displays live location with accuracy, speed, bearing and recency. The view highlights the ongoing activity (walk, drive, stop, etc.). Device getting inactive due to permissions or other reasons, or disconnected due to unknown reasons is highlighted in the tracking experience. Battery charing and low battery states are flagged as well.

Live Location Sharing

The primary feature of Hypertrack Live is Live Location Sharing. Live Location Sharing is useful for:

  • Workforce productivity apps with messaging and customer support capabilities
  • Peer-to-peer marketplaces for goods and services
  • Ridesharing and carpooling apps
  • Consumer apps like messengers and social apps

It helps solve the user's anxiety of “where are you⁉️”.


To use this app

# Clone this repository
$ git clone

# Go into the repository
$ cd live-app-android

Get your HyperTrack Publishable Key here and type it in the Publishable Key screen in the app.


For detailed documentation of the APIs, customizations and what all you can build using HyperTrack, please visit the official docs.


Feel free to clone, use, and contribute back via pull requests. We'd love to see your pull requests - send them in! Please use the issues tracker to raise bug reports and feature requests.

We are excited to see what Live Location feature you build in your app using this project. Do ping us at once you build one, and we would love to feature your app on our blog!


Join our Slack community for instant responses. You can also email us at

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