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The first issue of A static site built with hugo.

First-time setup

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install the hugo CLI

Local development

hugo server

Build for deployment


How to add content

Piece pages

The frontmatter of a piece should have all of these fields:

title: Seeding the Wild
author: Magma Collective # this needs to match an author name in data/people.yaml
description: In which seeds are strewn into small spaces, while blindfolded, and holding three apricots between two butt cheeks.
tableOfContentsImageUrl: ./images/angelica-gifs/mantis_computer.gif # must be 700x350
tableOfContentsImageAlt: A praying mantis dances in front of a laptop. # Alt text. this is weakly optional 
titleImageUrl: ./images/title-images/love-ya.png # this is optional
titleImageAlt: # Alt text. this is weakly optional 
endingImageUrl: ./images/angelica-gifs/mantis_computer.gif # this is optional
endingImageAlt: # Alt text. this is weakly optional 

All images belong somewhere in static/images.


Footnote content can be included in a piece's frontmatter, or in a separate JSON file (see content/pieces/the-salt-of-the-cosmos for an example of the latter).

Every footnote is identified by a unique title. (This can be a number if you want, but then if you reorder them you'll have some serious renumbering to do.)

In the content markdown, you add a footnote reference like so:

{{< footnote "Title of footnote goes here" >}}

This is called a hugo "shortcode". It gets replaced by the content in layouts/shortcodes/footnote.html.

All other pages

  • Every non-piece page gets its own .md file in content/one-offs/.
  • Every non-piece page gets its own layout file in layouts/one-offs/.

Site Data

Table of contents

The sequence of pieces in the table of contents is determined by data/piece-sequence.yaml

Fundraising goals

See data/fundraising-goals.yaml.

Author bios

See data/people.yaml. The name fields in here must match the author fields in the piece frontmatter.


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