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Revision history for bioperl-db.
Full details of changes between all versions are available online at:
* [bug 2092] - Now uses correct Bio::Species syntax [1.6.1]
* [bug 2757] - patch for error handling [maj]
* small POD fixes
* Released with bioperl-1.5.2 developer branch release
* Introduced Build.PL as the recommended alternative to installation, instead of
* Compatability with bioperl-1.5.2 changes such as the new Bio::Species
* Ewan Birney's code committed to handle a simple relation schema for
roundtripping Genbank/EMBL (swissprot MOSTLY handled)
* Support built in for seqdb to serve as a BioCORBA seq caching server.
* Maps objects built on old schema - still in flux but included in release.
* Released with bioperl-0.7.2 stable branch release.