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Because this is Windows software it is okay for a file to not have an ending newline. If you edit such a file please keep it that way.

So that they can be uploaded to Transifex there are two encodings of the localization files. UTF8 as required by Transifex, and usually-ANSI, as required by InnoSetup.

To convert between them see convert-inno-setup.

How to build

On Linux (with wine)

  • Install InnoSetup : wine is-unicode.exe /SILENT
  • TODO: How to build wintray on Linux?
  • Build the Setup : wine "C:\Program Files (x86)\Inno Setup 6\ISCC.exe" "FreenetInstall_InnoSetup.iss"
  • See Output folder

On Windows

  • Install InnoSetup
  • Build wintray and copy it to install_node\FreenetTray.exe
  • Build the Setup : ISCC.exe "FreenetInstall_InnoSetup.iss"
  • See Output folder

On the CI

See .github/workflows/ci.yml

(you can re-trigger a run to get the most recent freenet files into the installer)