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% title: Hyphenation patterns for Bahasa Indonesia
% copyright: Copyright (C) 1996, 1997 Jörg Knappen, Terry Mart
% notice: This file is part of the hyph-utf8 package.
% See for more information.
% language:
% name: Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian
% tag: id
% version: 1.3 19-SEP-1997
% authors:
% -
% name: Jörg Knappen
% contact: knappen (at)
% -
% name: Terry Mart
% contact: mart (at)
% licence:
% name: GPL
% version: 2
% url:
% hyphenmins:
% typesetting:
% left: 2
% right: 2
% texlive:
% encoding: ascii
% babelname: indonesian
% legacy_patterns: inhyph.tex
% message: Indonesian hyphenation patterns
% description: |-
% Hyphenation patterns for Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) in ASCII
% encoding. They are probably also usable for Malay (Bahasa Melayu).
% ==========================================
% The patterns are probably also usable for Bahasa Melayu
% For bug reports, improvements, and suggestions, contact
% Jörg Knappen
% jk Unternehmensberatung
% Barbarossaring 43
% 55118 Mainz
% knappen (at)
% or:
% Terry Mart
% Institut fuer Kernphysik
% Universitaet Mainz
% 55099 Mainz
% Germany
% phone : +49 6131 395174
% fax : +49 6131 395474
% email : mart (at)
a1 e1 i1 o1 u1 % allow hyphens after vowels
2b1d 2b1j 2b1k 2b1n 2b1s 2b1t
2c1k 2c1n
2d1k 2d1n 2d1p
2f1d 2f1k 2f1n 2f1t
2g1g 2g1k 2g1n
2h1k 2h1l 2h1m 2h1n 2h1w
2j1k 2j1n
2k1b 2k1k 2k1m 2k1n 2k1r 2k1s 2k1t
2l1b 2l1f 2l1g 2l1h 2l1k 2l1m 2l1n 2l1s 2l1t 2l1q
2m1b 2m1k 2m1l 2m1m 2m1n 2m1p 2m1r 2m1s
2n1c 2n1d 2n1f 2n1j 2n1k 2n1n 2n1p 2n1s 2n1t 2n1v
2p1k 2p1n 2p1p 2p1r 2p1t
2r1b 2r1c 2r1f 2r1g 2r1h 2r1j 2r1k 2r1l 2r1m 2r1n 2r1p 2r1r 2r1s 2r1t 2r1w 2r1y
2s1b 2s1k 2s1l 2s1m 2s1n 2s1p 2s1r 2s1s 2s1t 2s1w
2t1k 2t1l 2t1n 2t1t
2w1t % two consonant groups to be hyphenated between
% the consonants
2ng1g 2ng1h 2ng1k 2ng1n 2ng1s % three consonant groups
2n3s2t % kon-stan-ta
.be2r3 .te2r3 .me2ng3 .pe2r3 % prefixes
2ng. 2ny. % don't hyphenate -ng and -ny at the end of word
i2o1n % in-ter-na-sio-nal
a2ir % ber-air
1ba1ga2i % se-ba-gai-ma-na
2b1an. 2c1an. 2d1an. 2f1an. 2g1an. 2h1an. 2j1an. 2k1an. 2l1an.
2m1an. 2ng1an. 2n1an. 2p1an. 2r1an. 2s1an. 2t1an. 2v1an. 2z1an.
3an. % suffix -an
.a2ta2u % atau-pan
.ta3ng4an. .le3ng4an. .ja3ng4an. .ma3ng4an. .pa3ng4an. .ri3ng4an.
.de3ng4an. % Don't overload the exception list...
% Exeptions to the above rules, specially words beginning in ber...
% and ter..
\hyphenation{be-ra-be be-ra-hi be-rak be-ran-da be-ran-dal be-rang
be-ra-ngas-an be-rang-sang be-ra-ngus be-ra-ni
be-ran-tak-an be-ran-tam be-ran-tas be-ra-pa be-ras
be-ren-deng be-re-ngut be-re-rot be-res be-re-wok
be-ri be-ri-ngas be-ri-sik be-ri-ta be-rok be-ron-dong
be-ron-tak be-ru-du be-ruk be-run-tun
peng-eks-por peng-im-por
te-ra te-rang te-ras te-ra-si te-ra-tai te-ra-wang te-ra-weh
te-ri-ak te-ri-gu te-rik te-ri-ma te-ri-pang te-ro-bos
te-ro-bos-an te-ro-mol te-rom-pah te-rom-pet te-ro-pong
te-ro-wong-an te-ru-buk te-ru-na te-rus te-ru-si}