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miZy - tiny fast embedded linux

miZy - tiny fast embedded linux

miZy - tiny fast embedded linux for sunxi Orange Pi devices

miZy main features

  • best for embedded or IOT usage (hi stable and tolerant for power off/lost and boot in any case again )
  • fast boot just 5-10sec
  • extreme tiny image size 8-16M
  • usable for SPI flash - 8M-16M (any another system not usable for spi flash)
  • loaded from any FEL / SPI / mmc / sd / usb sources / NET / ETH
  • mizy is ALL IN RAM system + zero disk write mode ( write by user requst only ) flash friendly + maximum flash life time
  • diskless mode, ramfs + squashfs + overlay system ready
  • optimized for low power usage 0.1A + low temp+ no need active cooling
  • easy fast firmware image builder + Development kit - make custom firmware just for several minutes
  • mizy suitable for any usage like IOT, audio, music, video, wireless, network, storage, automate system, rescue, sunxi device test
  • high optimized legacy linux kernel + special mizy patches
  • fully sunxi soc hardware support : CPU freq i2s + SPDIF +DAC + ACD / SPI / i2c / HDMI CVBS / IR / USB OTG / SERIAL / MMC / SSD / WIFI + ethernet ...
  • advaced U-boot + special mizy patches ( i2c display splash / full read write SPI flash support, FEL mode, rescue mode.... )
  • compitable with OpenWrt trunk software repository
  • miZy is full open source project ( 1 year more active development )
  • many other features check it


some parts of miZy project already is opened for public usage:

WiKi / Mans / Docs

lets Try

some miZy firmware images in free access available for download

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