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Package: Kippo-Graph
Version: 0.7
Author: ikoniaris
TODO for new versions:
+ Seperate HTML and PHP where possible, tidy up code!
+ Graphs (.png) creation should be moved to xxx-generator for each component (or all in one!)
+ Use new version of QGoogleVisualAPI and generate more graphs (eg GeoMap instead of IntensityMap?)
+ Include sample Apache configuration (unless uploaded to /var/www/)
+ Add MySQL dump/backup function (security risk?)
+ 2nd tab on Intensity Map (or new map) with successes per country (temporary SQL table/query)
+ Move project to (next milestone version)
+ Add option to show results only from a particular sensor (add value in config.php and then change the SQL queries? Perhaps move all SQL query strings in seperate file)
+ Option to use local/offline geolocation service and not geoplugin, see:
+ Proxy detection resurrection, here are some lists:
+ Human activity per week, Successes per day (line), Probing busiest days (Top 20), naming conventions/changes, update gallery.
+ URGENT: Fix "Successful logins from same IP", "Probes per day", "Successes per day", when the DB is very big. See:
+ Successes per week graph, so gallery will look complete :P
+ Add timestamp to command tables --OK--
+ New table for passwd and various commands --OK--
+ Generate and post CHECKSUMS for the tar archive online --OK--
+ Include a license file. libchart is GPL, QGoogleVisualAPI is BSD 2-Clause (aka Modified BSD aka FreeBSD),
geoplugin is free asks for recognition - OK,
web template has its own license that requires link at the bottom - OK,
honeycomb image in the logo requires attribution - OK,
so Kippo-Graph license => GPL, mentioning all the others seperately,
+ Make version checking more secure with a directive in config.php (UPDATE CHECK YES/NO) --OK--
+ Check IPs for proxies or not --NO FREE/EASY SOLUTION, ABANDON--
+ Visualize IP geolocation data --OK--
+ Temporary SQL table needed for IntensityMap --OK--
+ Create a proper image for index.php --OK--
+ Visualize or display wget commands --OK--
+ Visualize or display apt-get install commands --OK--
+ Better way to visualize input/commands => Simple text/table display --OK--
+ More libchart graphs (Pies, etc) where suited --OK--