@robertknight robertknight released this Jul 8, 2016 · 394 commits to master since this release


  • Make document titles link to annotations in context on the /stream page


  • Use the phrases 'Log in', 'Log out' and 'Sign up' consistently in the UI
  • The Hypothesis client has been separated from the Hypothesis web service and
    moved to its own repository.


  • Fix issue where clicking a new annotation in the page that was not yet
    created on the server would display a 'You do not have permission' message
  • Fix edits to annotations not being preserved when scrolling annotations out
    of view and back into view and not being reflected when searching after
    editing (#7,
  • Fix new annotations not being moved to current group when switching groups
  • Fix replies being moved to newly selected group when switching groups
  • Fix canceled annotations re-appearing after switching groups
  • Fix 'AnnotationResource is not a constructor' error when creating annotations
    whilst the app is loading (#4)