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PDF.js + Hypothes.is on your site

This is an "out of the box" PDF.js Viewer with these changes:

  • added the <script src="https://hypothes.is/embed.js" ...></script> code
  • customized the viewer.js code to generate a rel="canonical"--as the viewer URL will differ from your PDF's URL, but they should both show the same annotations.

The project is entirely static HTML, JS, and CSS. Enjoy!

When to use this code

There are times when the Hypothes.is browser extension (or the Hypothes.is Via proxy can't "reach" the PDF in a page because it's served in an <iframe> or <embed> tag. This code can be hosted alongside your PDF's to provide the necessary viewer environment and directly embed Hypothes.is, so that it can be used within the <iframe> to annotate the PDF.

Simply serve the viewer.html?file= URL's mentioned below via the <iframe src=""> in your CMS, site, or code.

Try it out!

Clone this repo, then...

# Navigate to the project's root directory
cd pdf.js+hypothes.is
# If using Python 2, start a simple HTTP server...
python -m SimpleHTTPServer
# ...or if using Python 3
python -m http.server 8000
# if you're on a Mac, do...
open http://localhost:8000/web/viewer.html
# if you're not, open your browser to that URL

The sample PDF should render and the Hypothes.is comment bubble icon should be visible in the top right corner.

Viewing Your Own PDF's

The viewer.html file supports a file query parameter, so requesting a different PDF hosted under this same domain, looks like this:


%2F is the URL escaped form of /--so this assumes you have a yourpdf.pdf file hosted at http://localhost:8000/


PDF.js and the viewer bits (in build and web) are licensed under the Apache License 2.0.

Hypothes.is embed.js is currently loaded from the live web service, so there's no additional licensing needed (checkout the hypothesis/h project if you'd like to host your own (h is BSD licensed).