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Hypriot Blog

Circle CI Join the chat at

This repository is used to generate the blog at

Improve this blog, because you can!

The blog is completely open source, so everyone is empowered and welcome to create PRs to improve it! It's as easy as the following steps:

  • Install Hugo on your machine, thereby make sure you install exactly the same version as defined here.
  • Clone this repo
  • Change directory into the freshly cloned repo
  • Start hugo locally as a server
hugo server --watch=true -D
  • Open a browser at URL http://localhost:1313
  • Make changes and see them immediately updated in the browser. Find our static pages in subfolder content/ and the blogposts in content/post/
  • Create a PR and ask the Hypriot Team for review

Buy us a beer!

This FLOSS software is funded by donations only. Please support us to maintain and further improve it!

Donate using Liberapay


For this blog we use the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license. Any derivatives of this work and any contributions are assumed to be licensed under the same license.


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