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This repo builds the SD card image with HypriotOS for the Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3 and Zero. You can find released versions of the SD card image here in the GitHub releases page. To build this SD card image we have to

  • take the files for the root filesystem from os-rootfs
  • take the empty raw filesystem from image-builder-raw with the two partitions
  • add Hypriot's Debian repos
  • install the Raspberry Pi kernel from rpi-kernel
  • install Docker tools Docker Engine, Docker Compose and Docker Machine

Here is an example how all the GitHub repos play together:



You can contribute to this repo by forking it and sending us pull requests. Feedback is always welcome!

You can build the SD card image locally with Vagrant.

Setting up build environment

Make sure you have vagrant and docker-machine installed. Then run the following command to create the Vagrant box and the Docker Machine connection. The Vagrant box is needed as a vanilla boot2docker VM is not able to run guestfish inside. Use export VAGRANT_DEFAULT_PROVIDER=virtualbox to strictly create a VirtualBox VM.

make docker-machine

Now set the Docker environments to this new docker machine:

eval $(docker-machine env image-builder-rpi)

Build the SD card image

From here you can just make the SD card image. The output will be written and compressed to

make sd-image

Run Serverspec tests

To test the compressed SD card image with Serverspec just run the following command. It will expand the SD card image in a Docker container and run the Serverspec tests in builder/test/ folder against it.

make test

Run integration tests

Now flash the SD card image and boot up a Raspberry Pi. Run the Serverspec integration tests in builder/test-integration/ folder against your Raspberry Pi. Set the environment variable BOARD to the IP address or host name of your running Raspberry Pi.

BOARD=black-pearl.local make test-integration

This test works with any Docker Machine, so you do not need to create the Vagrant box.


For maintainers of this project you can release a new version and deploy the SD card image to GitHub releases with

TAG=v0.0.1 make tag

After that open the GitHub release of this version and fill it with relevant changes and links to resolved issues.


MIT - see the LICENSE file for details.