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The os-rootfs builds the base of all the HypriotOS images. This repo creates a general root filesystem for different CPU architectures without the board specific parts.

This root filesystem

  • uses a minimal Debian system
  • adds an user pirate
  • sets a default locale (UTF-8)
  • sets a default timezone (UTC)
  • ...

Here is an example how all the GitHub repos play together:



You can contribute to this repo by forking it and sending us pull requests. Feedback is always welcome!

You can build the root filesystem locally with Docker.

Create builder Docker image

make build

Create all rootfs's for all supported ARCH's

make all

Create single rootfs's for all supported ARCH's

make i386
make amd64
make armhf-debian
make armhf-raspbian
make arm64-debian
make mips

Run container in interactive mode (for testing purposes)

make shell

Build artifacts

The output of the build will be in the current directory as a rootfs-${ARCH}-${HYPRIOT_OS_VERSION}.tar.gz file.

How to run tests

Option 1: Run tests with a single command

With the following command, all tests for a specific architecture will be executed:

BUILD_ARCH=arm64 make test

Option 2: Run tests interactively

If you prefer to have a shorter feedback loop of less than a second, enter the container with

make testshell

Now, to run the test, execute

BUILD_ARCH=arm64 /builder/

Run shellcheck tests

To run the shellcheck tests, execute

make shellcheck

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MIT - see the LICENSE file for details.