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Fresh Strapi

An open source Fresh Example Project using Redis and Strapi.

Made with Fresh

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Configure it

You'll need a strapi install, and a redis server. You can install redis on your Strapi server. You can also use this project with local strapi and redis.

cp .env.example .env

Then open .env and add your secrets.

code .env

Deploy it

Add your secrets on Deno Deploy, it's really easy1!!

There is a build step now, it makes your fresh sites lightning fast. It uses GitHub Actions and is compatible with Deno Deploy

Self Hosted

For self hosted, use the run task deno task run, to run the project in production mode. I still use pm2 to monitor my Deno processes in production. I also use nginx as my webserver and configure proxies to the individual processes.

Puppeteer Testing

This project also has code to help you test your site. Using fetch for the API routes, puppetteer for end to end testing, and GitHub actions for CI. That's right:

Puppeteer Testing integrated with Github Actions!


deno test -A

You'll need to install Chromium first, running the test suite will provide the install command if it is not found.

The test runner is called Fresh Marionette

Github Actions

Runs deno fmt and the Puppeteer tests on Github Actions using a Linux Host.


Secrets for GitHub Actions

Use this command to get the secret contents

base64 -i .env.github | pbcopy

Configure a "Repository Secret" for GitHub Actions:

secret name should be ENV_GITHUB_ACTIONS

Fresh Usage

Start the project:

deno task start

This will watch the project directory and restart as necessary.

A Short History

I really like Deno and I was using it in 2021 because I was learning things about the browser from it. I made my own system for serving websites and I called it gaslight. You can see it here:

In May 2022 I used Deno and some ideas from Gaslight (but with JSX) to develop 2 websites and a Strapi instance professionally for During development, Fresh was released (June 2022) and I migrated the 2 sites over to Fresh and started work on a third site. This website Fresh-Strapi, created with permission and blessing of ANDBOUNDS, is a cousin to those 3 sites. It includes code that was common across all 3 sites to create a starting point for future projects. Any projects that want to use a Strapi installation to do JWT sessions securely right from the start. And OAuth2 too!

Now I'm just trying to keep it updated and upgraded to the latest versions of Fresh. I also need to upgrade puppeteer to use the version from NPM instead of the deno port that is pinned to an old version.

Things here that you don't get from Fresh alone:

  • Redis Session Middleware
  • Global Config via .env
  • Test Harness
  • Puppeteer Test Harness
  • GitHub Actions Integration
  • My opinons about Template setup
  • A Google Tag Manager Element
  • Ready for Strapi as JWT provider

See Also is the another website in the Fresh-Strapi family. One that doesn't use Strapi. Similar Auth ideas, but using Fresh Sessions instead of Redis: