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Basic Config

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Basic Configuring

For basic syntax info, see Master Configuring.

This page documents all the "options" of Hyprland. For binds, monitors, execs, curves, etc. see Advanced Configuring.

Variable types

Variable types are:

int - integer

float - floating point number

col - color (e.g. 0x22334455 - alpha 0x22, red 0x33, green 0x44, blue 0x55)

vec2 - vector with 2 values (float), separated by a space (e.g. 0 0 or -10.9 99.1)

MOD - a string modmask (e.g. SUPER or SUPERSHIFT or SUPERSHIFTALTCTLRCAPSMOD2MOD3MOD5 or empty for none)

Mod list:




sensitivity=float - mouse sensitivity

apply_sens_to_raw=int - (0/1) if on, will also apply the sensitivity to raw mouse output (e.g. sensitivity in games)

main_mod=MOD - the mod used to move/resize windows (hold main_mod and LMB/RMB, try it and you'll know what I mean.)

border_size=int - border thickness

no_border_on_floating=int - (0/1) disable borders for floating windows.

gaps_in=int - gaps between windows

gaps_out=int - gaps between window-monitor edge

col.active_border=col - self-explanatory

col.inactive_border=col - self-explanatory

cursor_inactive_timeout=int - in seconds, after how many seconds of cursor's inactivity to hide it. (default / never is 0)

damage_tracking=str - Makes the compositor redraw only the needed bits of the display. Saves on resources by not redrawing when not needed. Available modes: none, monitor, full. Heavily recommended to use full for maximum optimization.


rounding=int - rounded corners radius (in pixels)

multisample_edges=int - (0/1) enable antialiasing (no-jaggies) for rounded corners.

no_blur_on_oversized=int - (0/1) disable blur on oversized windows (recommended to leave at default 1, may cause graphical issues)

active_opacity=float - self-explanatory, 0 - 1

inactive_opacity=float - self-explanatory, 0 - 1

fullscreen_opacity=float - self-explanatory, 0 - 1

blur=int - (0/1) enable dual kawase window background blur

blur_size=int - Minimum 1, blur size (intensity)

blur_passes=int - Minimim 1, more passes = more resource intensive.

Your blur "amount" is blur_size * blur_passes, but high blur_size (over around 5-ish) will produce artifacts.

If you want heavy blur, you need to up the blur_passes.

The more passes, the more you can up the blur_size without noticing artifacts.

blur_ignore_opacity=int - (0/1) make the blur layer ignore the opacity of the window.

drop_shadow=int - (0/1) enable drop shadows on windows

shadow_range=int - Shadow range (in pixels), more = larger shadow

shadow_render_power=int - (1 - 4), in what power to render the falloff (more power, the faster the falloff)

shadow_ignore_window=int - (0/1) if true, the shadow will not be rendered behind the window itself, only around it.

col.shadow=col - shadow's color. Alpha dictates shadow's opacity.

shadow_offset=vec2 - shadow's rendering offset.


enabled=int - (0/1) enable animations

More about animations is on the Advanced Configuring page.


kb_layout=str kb_variant=str kb_model=str kb_options=str kb_rules=str - adequate keyboard settings

follow_mouse=int - (0/1/2) enable mouse following (focus on enter new window) - Quirk: will always focus on mouse enter if you're entering a floating window from a tiled one, or vice versa. 0 - disabled, 1 - full, 2 - loose. Loose will focus mouse on other windows on focus but not the keyboard.

repeat_rate=int - in ms, the repeat rate for held keys

repeat_delay=int - in ms, the repeat delay (grace period) before the spam

natural_scroll=int - (0/1) enable natural scroll

numlock_by_default=int - (0/1) lock numlock by default

force_no_accel=int - (0/1) force no mouse acceleration, bypasses most of your pointer settings to get as raw of a signal as possible.


Subcategory input:touchpad:

disable_while_typing=int - (0/1) disable touchpad while typing

natural_scroll=int - (0/1) enable natural scroll on touchpads


overlay=int - (0/1) print the debug performance overlay.


There are more config options described in other pages, which are layout- or circumstance-specific. See the sidebar navpanel for more pages.