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Configuring Hyprland

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The config is located in ~/.config/hypr/hyprland.conf.

I recommend you copy the examples/hyprland.conf, but you can also edit the autogenerated config.

By removing the line autogenerated=1 you'll remove the yellow warning.

The Hyprland config is very similiar in syntax to the Hypr config. The only difference is that all the variables that didn't have a section are now in the section general.

Refer to the example config in /examples/hyprland.conf to see, well... an example.

Start a section with name { and end in } in separate lines!

Line style

every config line is a command followed by a value.


The command can be a variable, or a special keyword (described further in this page)

You are allowed to input trailing spaces at the beginning and end.



is valid.

Basic configuring

To configure the "options" of Hyprland, animations, styling, etc. see Basic Configuring.

Advanced configuring

Some keywords (binds, curves, execs, monitors, etc.) arent variables but define special behaviour.

See all of them in Advanced Configuring