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Glot (sublime plugin)

Put/run your code on

Requires an api token to work. Get your own token at and put it in settings.



From Package Control

Press Ctrl+Shift+P, Select Package Control: Install Package, Search for Glot, Return.

From this repo

Press Ctrl+Shift+P, Select Package Control: Add Repository, Input, Return.

Key Bindings

I haven't got any ideas of using what key bindings, you can add your own by Preference - Key Bindings then add things like:

{ "keys": ["ctrl+k", "ctrl+g"], "command": "glot_run" },

Valid commands are: glot_new_snippet, glot_open_snippet, glot_update_snippet, glot_delete_snippet, glot_run, glot_advanced_run.


All messages are displayed at your status bar.

Create Snippet

Ctrl+Shift+P, then select glot: New Snippet. If everything ok, it will ask you for a snippet title.

Open Snippet

Ctrl+Shift+P, then select glot: Open Snippet.

Update Snippet

After open a snippet from previous command, just Ctrl+S or Ctrl+Shift+P then select glot: Update Snippet.

Delete Snippet

Ctrl+Shift+P, then select glot: Delete Snippet.

Run Code

Ctrl+Shift+P, then select glot: Run or glot: Advanced Run. Temporary files should work, but may encounter language specific errors. e.g. Java requires file name must be the same as class name.