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Gem Version Bot API Version

A tiny but easy-to-use wrapper of Telegram Bot API.


gem install tgbot

Usage TOKEN, proxy: '' do
  on 'start' do
    reply "#{name}, at your service."
# or
bot = TOKEN, proxy: ''
bot.on('start'){ reply "#{name}, at your service." } # will block current thread token, **options do (block) end

Start a long polling bot.

argument type notes example
token String ask BotFather for one '123456:ABC-DEF1234ghIkl-zyx57W2v1u123ew11'
option type notes example
proxy String http only ''

and in that (block):


Just call the native bot api. e.g. getMe() send_message(chat_id: 123, text: 'hello').

Returns an OpenStruct of the replied object.

self.debug = true | false (default)

Show debug info (every message, matched command).

start do (do sth when it is connected) end

start do
  puts "\e[33m#{get_me&.first_name}\e[32m, at your service."

finish do (do sth when Ctrl-C) end

finish do
  puts "おやすみなさい"

on pattern=nil, **options do |match_data, update, task| (block) end

Match pattern and do something.

argument type notes example
pattern nil match all (including inline query etc.) on do ... end
- String | Regexp match all text1 /^r(\d*)d(\d*)(?:\+(\d*))?/

1: for convenience, the bot's @username is trimmed for easilier matching.

e.g. "hey bot, /r3d6@mybot+1 lol" => #<MatchData "/r3d6+1" 1:"3" 2:"6" 3:"1">.

option type notes example
name String just give it a name 'roll!'
before_all true set to run before other ons matching the same message true
after_all true set to run after other ons matching the same message3
you can't set both before_all and after_all on one command

3: order is * -> before2 -> before1 -> other -> after1 -> after2 -> *.

and in that (block):

debug message

Puts that message to STDERR when it is in debug mode.

reply *things, **options

Reply to the matched message.

argument type notes example
thing String | can .to_s will use parse_mode: Markdown 'hello world'
- IO will use sendPhoto if it is a photo, etc."a.png")
option type notes example
media false set to false to force sendDocument ''
style :none | :at | nil (default) reply style2 :at
parse_mode, etc. depends see sendMessage -

reply style2:

  • :none : don't add reply info, so the sender won't receive a prompting.
  • :at: use [inline mention of a user](tg://user?id=123456789) in replied message.
  • nil (default): include reply_to_message_id in replied message object.

interrupt! done!

Stop processing this message (if there be further blocks matching it). see before_all after_all.

retry! n=1

Enqueue this message again for at most n times.


PRs/issues are welcome.

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